Eastgate is a growing community of believers with a vision to bring heaven to earth.


One question we’re continually asking ourselves: 

What does it look like to be a Spirit-led community, increasing burning with love for Jesus, where everyone is equipped to impact the world with the goodness of God?

This is our ongoing pursuit and our great passion. It’s what our hearts burn for. To continually challenge and inspire one another (whether we’re aged 5 or 105) to be more on fire for Jesus – radically so – resulting in a world around us that’s transformed by His presence.


The bible tells us that “God is love” and to become “imitators of God”. At Eastgate we encourage a lifestyle of receiving the love of God in our own lives and sacrificially giving that love away to the world around us. All of the below values are expressions of this.

Eastgate is a member of the Evangelical Alliance which has a clear statement of beliefs entitled ‘Basis of Faith’.

the manifest PRESENCE OF GOD

He’s redeemed us for the purpose of union with Him – something that can be experienced as a tangible, daily reality.

There’s nothing more important than “God with us”. So we prioritise His Presence over our own programmes.

It’s in His Presence that we encounter the Father’s unconditional love, affirmation and delight – our birth right as children of God.

RISK-TAKING FAITH as an outworking of trusting a good God

The more we believe in who He says He is, the more it shows up in how we live daily life.

As our faith meets His compassion, the result is a release of supernatural power.


People come alive when they’re free to enjoy God according to their unique design.

We champion every individual’s freedom to be all they were made to be.

We love it when freedom results in fun, expressive environments and an overflow of creativity.

Freedom comes with responsibility. We manage our own freedom in a way that protects the freedom of those around us.

Church as a Family

The heart of the Father is to prioritise authentic relational connection over any other agenda.

This defines how we see each other and how we do life together.

We’re building a church culture where everyone gets to play their part – with multi-generational, multi-ethnic unity.

The EQUALITY of His children

We celebrate diversity within the Bride of Christ as a magnification of its beauty, and value each person equally.

There’s no hierarchy amongst siblings. But there are different gifts, callings, roles and strengths to honour as we submit to one another mutually.


Worship isn’t something that only happens on a Sunday morning; it’s a lifestyle response to who He is, and it affects everything we do.

We encourage one another to consider every aspect of our lives as an offering to God, 24-7.


A vital part of how our Christian faith ‘shows up’ in daily life is how we look beyond ourselves, our conveniences and “stop for the one” in need.

One of the ways we become more like our Father is through the overflow of our time, resources and gifts to the world around us.


We meet every Sunday to worship and experience the goodness of God together. We’d love to welcome you to our meetings. Please click the button below for more information.